The Benefits

Our piles can reduce noise by more than 20 dB

Less pile driving noise = faster permitting, smaller zones of harassment/harm, and fewer project delays.

We have developed an innovative new pile design that reduces noise from impact pile driving by > 20 dB. Depending on the specifics of your project, this may be below injury and harassment thresholds for sensitive fish and wildlife. Our new pile design promises significant environmental and economic benefits for marine construction projects across the globe.

Handling and drivability

circle-no-bubble-curtainBubble Curtains are no longer necessary

Reinhall Piles™ were designed to be handled and driven using industry standard techniques and equipment. The outer pile dimensions of Reinhall Piles™ do not differ from standard piles. Though somewhat heavier than standard piles, Reinhall Piles™ are lighter than concrete piles and are not challenging to handle or deploy. In fact, the inner pipe properties can be designed to optimize drivability.

Most importantly, use of Reinhall Piles™ eliminates the need to use burdensome, time-consuming, and marginally effective bubble curtains, reducing prep and drive time by 30-45 minutes per pile.

Noise and the environment

Permitting and Monitoring Burden Greatly Eased

circle-permittingReinhall Piles™ provide significant reductions in PEAK, RMS, and SEL noise measurements. Depending on project characteristics, noise levels may be below injury and/or harassment thresholds for sensitive fish and wildlife. A host of benefits result from noise mitigation at these levels:

  • Reduced take and faster permitting, potentially qualifying for informal vs. formal consultations under the Endangered Species Act
  • Far smaller zones of harassment and harm, reducing scope of environmental monitoring and risk of work stoppages
  • Potential to broaden work windows by weeks or even months

Faster Project Completion

More strikes per day

circle-project-completionThe elimination of burdensome and time-consuming bubble curtains means contractors can drive more piles each day. Smaller zones of harassment and harm also mean fewer potential work interruptions. These benefits along with streamlined permitting already provide the potential for faster project completion.

But there is one more benefit: Regulators often cap the number of strikes in order to reduce cumulative impact to sensitive wildlife. With less pile driving noise, contractors can produce more strikes before reaching that cap. More strikes per day means more piles driven, leading to greater efficiency within the in-water work window and faster overall project completion.

"By reducing underwater noise from pile driving by 20 dB, implementation of MCT’s technology could potentially reduce the Zone of Influence and required marine mammal monitoring, expedite consultation processes with the Services, and minimize construction delays due to the proximity of marine mammals."
Cameron Fisher, Biological Lead, 48 North Solutions, Inc.

Hear the difference

Recorded from hydrophone deployed at 10m during subscale testing of 8" steel piles in Seattle, Washington in 2013.

You are hearing 4 strikes of a standard pile followed by 4 strikes of a Reinhall Pile™. Notice the difference.